Who We Are


In the last few years the phenomenon of fashion having no gender identity has developed worldwide, turning from a tendency to a real movement. The No Gender collections can be worn by men and women without distinctions. Unlike the term Unisex that wanted to find a point of union between men and women, the No Gender is the affirmation of gender absence. It is based on the ideas that language and social situations should avoid using gender as a principle of discrimination. The idea is to leave the individual free to dress as he likes, without the limitations imposed by gender stereotypes.

It is in this new perspective that the Generated brand is born and shaped.

Gaia and Federica Di Donato, young co-founders and creative directors of Generated, outline the philosophy and the journey of their brand that is in continuous expantion, evolution and experimentation.The origin of the brand name "Generated" comes from the Greek name Gaia - personification of the earth and the mother of all life.The Generated's mission is to represent the progress of our present world, creating collection of "Sneakers and T-Shirts" designed for young people and in particular the YZ generations who are looking for fresh, innovative and trendy products.

The young Di Donato have created a fashion language that focuses on the essence of what we are, communicate and generate.

#Generatewhoyouare is a real philosophy of life: "Nowadays values, feelings and tastes of our current generation are flattened.

Everyone wants to be accepted and feel part of society. Do not be afraid to show who you are, it is not what you wear but it is your personality that makes the difference"